The 10 Best Old Money Style Fashion Influencers on Instagram for Men

The 10 Best Old Money Style Influencers on Instagram

Are you looking for how to achieve the perfect Old Money Style wardrobe? Join us on a journey through our guide: The 10 Best Old Money Style Influencers on Instagram. We’ve scoured the social media landscape to bring you influencers who embody the sophistication of the Old Money aesthetic. Whether you’re in London or New York, these tastemakers offer a unique perspective on classic fashion.

Who are the best Old Money Style influencers on Instagram?

1. Ali Gordon

Ali Gordon is a British influencer with a vast following, blending classic timeless styles with luxury collaborations. His platform showcases a history of modeling and partnerships with prestigious brands like Luca Faloni and Aston Martin, offering a refined glimpse into the Old Money aesthetic. Married to fashion and lifestyle influencer Lydia Millen, their synergy creates a power couple influencing the UK scene.

Instagram: @aligordon
TikTok: @aligordon89
Youtube: @aligordon

2. Julian Piket

Based in New York City, Julian Piket started as a model and now works as a menswear creator setting style trends. Known for flawless outfits, Piket’s has delivered some of Pinterest most shared men’s style photos, like the iconic beige long-sleeve polo outfit below.


Instagram: @julianpiket
Tiktok: @julianpiket

3. Justus F. Hansen

Digital creator Justus F. Hansen, residing in Hamburg and Miami, shares fashion advice through his popular Instagram and German-language YouTube channel. On Instagram, he regularly shares valuable Old Money Style advice, making him a go-to source for those seeking the Old Money aesthetic.


Instagram: @justusf_hansen
TikTok: @justusf_hansen
Youtube: @derstilberater

4. Andreas Weinås

Andreas Weinås, a Swedish fashion connoisseur and co-founder of @gentlemanualen, curates a sophisticated fashion feed on Instagram. In the fashion podcast @gentlemanualen, Andreas and co-host @maisonnilsson dives deep into the intricacies of men’s fashion, providing invaluable insights on how to dress with impeccable style for enthusiasts.


Instagram: @andreasweinas

5. Adam Gonon

In the heart of New York, Adam Gonon stands out as a menswear and lifestyle influencer. As the co-owner of @gentlemanscreative, Gonon shares timeless style tips on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, establishing himself as a key figure in the Old Money Style community.


Instagram: @adamgonon
TikTok: @adamgonon
Youtube: @adamgonon

6. Hunter Vought

Based in Philadelphia, Hunter Vought is a digital creator and co-owner of @gentlemanscreative. In his Instagram reels, Hunter showcases versatile and timeless outfits, offering a dynamic perspective on how to dress Old Money style in both the everyday and finer occasions.


Instagram: @huntervought
TikTok: @huntervought
Youtube: @huntervought

7. Kosta Williams

Kosta Williams, co-founder of FORÁGE, is a German influencer whose social media platforms boast over a million followers. Beyond Instagram, Kostsa imparts fashion knowledge through his German YouTube channel, establishing himself as a key player in the Old Money Style landscape.


Instagram: @kosta_williams
Youtube: @kostawilliams

8. Jerome Carlier

Entrepreneur, content creator, and influencer Jerome Carlier leads a multifaceted life across Paris, Belgium, and Sweden. Collaborating with luxury brands like Longines and Luca Faloni, Carlier embodies international Old Money Style, adding a touch of continental flair to the aesthetic.


Instagram: @Jerome_carlier

9. Carlos Galluzzo

Spanish fashion influencer Carlos Galluzzo, residing in Madrid, manages the brand Silbon Moda. With a vibrant Instagram presence, Galluzzo brings the Old Money Style to life, combining traditional elements with contemporary fashion in the heart of Spain.


Instagram: @carchu10

10. Dario Carlucci

Italian influencer Dario Carlucci, based in Munich, Germany, showcases impeccable style through Instagram and TikTok. Known for his Italian-inspired outfits, Carlucci provides frequent Old Money Style inspirations, making him a must-follow for fashion enthusiasts seeking a touch of European elegance.


Instagram: @dariocarlucci
TikTok: @dario.carlucci

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