The 12 Best Old Money Brands for Men

The 12 Best Old Money Brands for Men

Are you ready to step into a world where sophistication meets timeless elegance? Welcome to our guide: The 12 Best Old Money Brands for Men – where we dive into everything you need to know about the essential brands for the Old Money look.


From iconic Italian labels to heritage-inspired collections, we’ll delve into the world of quiet luxury. Get ready to elevate your style game to new heights and find inspiration for the next wardrobe additions.

What are the best Old Money brands?

1. Loro Piana

Loro Piana, an Italian luxury brand, traces its origins back to the early 19th century when the Loro Piana family initiated their journey trading wool and textiles. Established in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana in Trivero, Italy, the brand has since become synonymous with opulent cashmere and wool products.


Renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, sourcing the finest raw materials globally, and employing skilled Italian artisans, Loro Piana embodies timeless sophistication and quiet luxury, reflecting the essence of old money refinement.

2. Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Ralph Lauren, originally Polo Ralph Lauren, holds an iconic status in American fashion, deeply rooted in the sport of polo. Founded by Ralph Lauren in 1967, the brand began with handmade ties and swiftly expanded to encompass a full range of menswear and womenswear collections by 1972.


Drawing inspiration from Old Hollywood Glamour and embodying a blend of Ivy League sophistication and country club elegance, Ralph Lauren’s creations effortlessly merge classic styles with everyday apparel.  The brand’s Purple Label epitomizes old money refinement, using exquisite natural fabrics to craft a modern yet nostalgic aesthetic, while its Polo line exudes American preppy charm.

3. Brunello Cucinelli

Established in the late 1970s by Brunello Cucinelli, the brand began as a couture house specializing in Mongolian cashmere garments for women. Surprisingly, Cucinelli’s foray into fashion wasn’t planned; it was inspired by his wife’s modest clothing shop in her village.


Today, spanning almost five decades, the brand has expanded into men’s and children’s lines, alongside lifestyle and eyewear collections. Renowned for its commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship, Cucinelli personally journeys to Mongolia annually to source cashmere directly from producers.


Each product is meticulously handmade in Italy, preserving the brand’s heritage of artisanal excellence. With its emphasis on timeless elegance and ethical craftsmanship, Brunello Cucinelli epitomizes quiet luxury and is revered as one of the foremost symbols of Italian opulence.

4. Brioni

Established in Rome in 1945, Brioni has solidified its position at the apex of Italian sartorial elegance. Revered for its exceptional craftsmanship and utilization of premium materials, the brand boasts a distinguished clientele that includes none other than James Bond himself.


Offering a range of made-to-measure and ready-to-wear suits, shirts, and accessories, Brioni is synonymous with meticulous tailoring and timeless sophistication. While its suits remain the epitome of a refined old money wardrobe, Brioni’s immaculate polos and leisurewear are equally coveted staples of understated luxury.

5. Canali

Founded in 1934 and still family-owned, Canali epitomizes understated luxury with its range of blazers, jackets, and knitwear. Every detail, from the stitching to the labels, exudes Italian craftsmanship.


Renowned for impeccable tailoring and refined menswear, Canali seamlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary style, making it a quintessential choice for old money aficionados. With a focus on fine fabrics like cashmere and merino wool, Canali’s timeless pieces embody classic stealth wealth without ostentatious logos or branding.

6. Zegna

Established in 1910, Ermenegildo Zegna pioneered the concept of “quiet luxury” with its understated aesthetic. Initially renowned for crafting exquisite suits for discerning gentlemen, the eponymous label has evolved over a century.


While Zegna now ventures into streetwear, its “sheep to shop” ethos remains steadfast. This commitment to quality and understated elegance solidifies Zegna’s legacy as a cornerstone of old money style, blending heritage craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities.

7. Pini Parma

Pini Parma epitomizes quintessential Italian style, crafting garments entirely in Italy. Soft-shouldered blazers, striking lapels, and coveted suede loafers define its aesthetic. Each piece is meticulously tailored by artisans employing traditional practices from across the country.


The brand seamlessly blends tradition with modern luxury, offering not just impeccably tailored suits but also suede and linen bomber jackets, tastefully designed sneakers, and elegant accessories.

8. Luca Faloni

Luca Faloni epitomizes quiet luxury with its meticulously crafted garments made in Italy. Partnering with skilled artisans across various regions, the brand sources premium materials like cashmere, linen, and leather from esteemed Italian mills and workshops.


Embracing a slow fashion ethos, each piece is crafted with the utmost durability, comfort, and quality in mind. From lightweight knits to fine linen shirts, Luca Faloni offers elevated wardrobe staples at a reasonable price, perfect for the discerning gentleman’s old money aesthetic.

9. Aurélien

Aurélien redefines luxury with its commitment to offering premium products without the hefty price tags. Founded in Paris by Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry, the brand combines minimalist aesthetics with affordability, crafting classic menswear silhouettes in sumptuous materials.


From clean-cut reversible jackets inspired by preppy sailing style to long-sleeve knitted polos, Aurélien’s offerings epitomize timeless sophistication. Utilizing luxuriously comfortable Softey Suede, their driving shoes and minimalist sneakers exude both elegance and comfort, perfect for leisurely strolls along the French Riviera or stylish excursions in luxurious settings.

10. Morjas

Morjas is a Swedish shoe brand known for its commitment to quality craftsmanship and timeless design. Founded by Henrik Berggren, Morjas offers a range of footwear crafted from premium materials sourced from renowned European tanneries.


Each pair is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring superior comfort and durability. The brand’s dedication to traditional shoemaking techniques and contemporary aesthetics has garnered a loyal following among discerning customers.

11. Myrqvist

Myrqvist redefines handcrafted luxury footwear with a modern twist. Their shoes seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, offering affordable deluxe footwear directly to customers. Crafted in Portugal using Goodyear-welted construction, each pair is built to withstand the test of time.


Myrqvist sources calfskin from Hermes-owned tanneries and suede from renowned English specialists Charles F Stead, ensuring the finest quality materials. With a Swedish touch, Myrqvist brings tradition into the modern age, offering timeless elegance for the discerning gentleman’s wardrobe.

12. Velasca

Velasca epitomizes Italian style with a touch of luxury, perfect for the modern gentleman. Handcrafted using generations of local shoemaking expertise, each pair exudes timeless elegance.


From boat shoes to sophisticated alternatives like the Badaluch in black or brown, Velasca offers a diverse range to elevate any shoe collection. Whether strolling along the colorful streets of Cinque Terre or enjoying a Negroni at a stylish bar, Velasca shoes complete the look with effortless sprezzatura.

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